Homes in Florida are at risk due to improperly installed stucco.
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For over a decade, the attorneys at Thomas Nutter Thomas have served homeowners and businesses in property damage disputes against their builders and insurance companies.

Is Your Home at Risk?

To find out, we invite you to call or email the stucco lawyers at TNT immediately. The stucco lawyers at our firm will find out if you have a legal case to potentially hold the builder of your home liable to pay for the repairs to your home.

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We Can Help

The stucco attorneys at Thomas Nutter Thomas handle cases in which builders have failed to comply with the Florida Building code. We represent clients whose cases involve stucco construction.

We are familiar with engineers and general contractors that are experienced in the construction and repair of stucco on homes similar to yours. These engineers can inspect your home for damage and prepare recommendations for the proper repair of your home. Over the years, we have handled thousands of cases involving cracking and settlement damage to homes. We can handle yours.

Our firm is based in Tampa, FL, but our stucco lawyers are proud to serve property owners in St. Petersburg, Lakeland, Clearwater, Orlando, Gainesville,  Ocala, Bradenton, Sarasota, Wesley Chapel and throughout the state of Florida.

If you were reluctant to hire a lawyer because you thought you would be unable to afford an attorney, please feel free to call us.
There is no consultation charge.

Time is Limited

There are time-sensitive deadlines in place that can affect your ability to take action. If you do not act quickly, the builders responsible for the conditions that threaten your property may be absolved of their responsibility to fix the problems. You may only have 10 years from the date your home was built and the certificate of occupancy was issued to bring a case against your builder.

It sometimes takes years for the defective stucco to become apparent. If you see stucco damage or suspect you have stucco problems, call the stucco attorneys at TNT immediately. Many homeowners are unaware of stucco defects and the resulting property damage until they have only a few years left to submit a claim.

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The Florida Legislature recently tried, and will likely try again, to shorten these deadlines which could hurt your claim.

It’s as easy as filling out this form and pressing contact us. If you don’t have time to do this or don’t know all the information, that’s ok, just call us and we will have our stucco attorneys talk to you immediately to analyze your case for free. Or fill in what you can and we will contact you to have a stucco attorney speak with you about your claim.

How do I start my case?

Call or email the stucco lawyers at Thomas Nutter Thomas and we can evaluate your case for free. We can meet with you or talk to you on the phone to gather the necessary documents for you to evaluate your case. We have found that a potential delay in the process can be the gathering of your necessary documents for the stucco attorneys to analyze and prosecute your claim. We can arrange to have all your documents sent to the stucco lawyers at our firm, and we can examine the documents for you free of charge. Simply call us, and we can take care of this for you. We may take your case on a contingency basis, where we front the costs of litigation to you and you are not billed for monthly attorneys’ fees or costs.

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